Friday, July 15, 2016


She was carefree like a child, unfailingly charming, always hovering just beyond the line his courage could not cross.

Often he seemed to be stooping under the weight of his riches and pedigree, he was young and handsome, and silent and solid.

This one day she floats into the large foyer of his mansion, following her babbling brook of a laughter, and almost runs into him.

Feigning hurt she blurts out, "you almost killed me mister, we're not even married yet." She smiles almost teasingly, perhaps actually teasing.

Just then the world went silent after the ear-splitting crash that a chandelier makes when crushing a young man, silent and solid. She looked at him, deadpan, dying, and sparkling and shiny.

(This is posted for 3WW. Prompts - carefree, deadpan, ear-splitting)

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Jackasses move the

in saddles rupturing

oozing splendid red

down thin steadfast

(P.S. This is in response to promts at 3WW (Jackass, Rupture, Splendid) and also at Poets United - Verse First where the notion was The Red Wheelbarrow a beautiful poem by William Carlos Williams. Take a look. Keeping things simple is most complicated.

                                                          so much depends

                                                           a red wheel

                                                           glazed with rain

                                                           beside the white

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time Traveler's Burden

We traverse through time
And spaces. Smiles on faces
Each with burdens assigned

Deep dark dreams and grime
Sad places. Say our graces
So we go through the grind

We traverse through time
And spaces. smiles on faces
Joy sometimes we find

(This is posted for 3WW. Prompts Assign, Pretense, Traverse)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Today is a Glorious Day

If you were penitent,
Long ago there was a time;
If you were a sinner and
If you committed a crime.

If you were a believer
And in God you did believe.
To the Temple and the Priest
A tribute you would leave.

That would absolve you
Of the sins of the past.
And if you paid more
Of the sins since the last.

Dark were those days.
But times change, you see.
You've right to your want
And to be and let it be.

Cocksure you need to be-
You need not be penitent.
Sins go into the cupboard,
Who really is omniscient?

(This is posted for 3WW. The prompts are Believe, Penitent, Tribute)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Periscope of Hindsight

Periscope of hindsight
Squint back through.
Squirm, sulk all you may
Stop to argue.

Millstone around the neck
Was your pick.
Swim, suspend or sink
You, your wounds, lick.

(Another post for 3WW. The prompts are Argue, Lick, Squint.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bird's Mistake

Little bird fluttered outside the window while I sat in my rickety recliner watching the clouds gather. Suddenly the bird crashed into the pane and thumped on to the sill.

I stretched and picked it up carefully. Bird blinked at me. My heart swelled and I hugged it tight. It suffocated.

It’s stupid bird’s mistake.

(This story is written for 3WW. First time 55 words. I guess I do 100 words better. But hey, how would I know if I don't try)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Revenge - Story

Jimmy heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the stairs that led to the grounds. He lit a cigarette and took a deep lazy drag. It felt good.

Peace comes at last, he thought, gazing at the horizon. Next rain will wash away the blood stains from the walls. No, there wasn't a question about it. They had to die. He knew that for sure. There will be no suffering for anyone anymore at last.

Hard as he tried not to, he could not stop pondering about and trying to validate the brutal torture before they were killed. Death of the criminal merely ensures stopping of the crime; but where is the revenge of the sufferers.

His gaze shifted to his hand that held the cigarette in his long artist's fingers. The specks of blood were almost dry. In his heart he knew he’ll never be sure about what he had done today. He decided he will leave it to time. If not prove it valid, time will perhaps make him forget.

It traced a graceful red streak and landed afar when Jimmy casually flicked the cigarette in the air. He stood up and staggered back into the house. Right now there is a celebration to be planned.

(This story has been written for 3 words wednesday. The prompts are "Heave", "Valid" and "Ponder")
Oh! I also watched Django Unchained yesterday :-)